The Time Has Come


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a professional programmer, yet somehow I’ve never been able to get past the intermediate stage. From my first TI-99/4a, to my Commodore 128, to my various Commodore Amiga’s, PC’s and now Mac’s, I’ve always tried to pick up programming ‘in my spare time,’ often without the realistic short-term goals which would keep me engaged.

For pretty much the same amount of time, I’ve been a fan of role-playing games. Not just Dungeons & Dragons, but Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Frontiers, Earthdawn, BattleTech, ShadowRun, and amongst others. RPG’s have been a strong interest of mine which kind of faded into the background once I got married until a couple years ago, when a new gaming group brought this interest back into focus. If you’re interested in reading more about this aspect of my life, please visit my other blog: The Dragon’s Musings.

Now that my school is winding down (I take full-time on-line courses, which will be done in August, 2010; this is in addition to full-time work and beinga full-time parent/spouse), I’m looking forward to once again having enough free time to pursue both these interests, and I’ve decided to combine them. I will start out focusing on tools and other programs for RPG players and game masters. I really like the Cocoa frameworks, thus I will start out developing for platforms based on those frameworks, namely the iPhone OS, Mac OS X, and possibly the mythical Apple Tablet.

This blog will serve as a developer’s blog as I start working on new projects in this area. Inspired by the plethora of other developer’s blogs I follow, I’ll try to provide advice, reviews, and other ramblings related. I will not at this time commit to any kind of a posting schedule, but I’ll try to post a couple times a month to start with, with the frequency increasing once school ends. Until next time… catchyalater!


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